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Tasmania is at a tipping point. Our island’s beauty attracts people from near and far but the benefits of economic development seem to be coming at a cost to our way of life and our environment.

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The law is the best tool we have for protecting our environment, and that’s where EDO Tasmania comes in. We hold decision-makers to account, enforce the laws, and empower communities with the legal firepower they need to make a difference.

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KnockloftyEDO Tasmania Bulletin – 25 May 2019 – the fortnightly Bulletin features a message from the CEO of hope for environmental justice, oil & gas exploration off King Island, Tasmanian budget analysis, ‘climate emergency’ motions, TWWHA Tourism Master Plan, Human Rights Islander case, Tasmanian Sustainable Timber FSC Certification evaluation, good reads and much more!

EDO Tasmania Bulletin 7/2019

EDO Tasmania Bulletin – 8 May 2019 Freycinet– the fortnightly Bulletin features the Attorney General’s intervention into the Lake Malbena Appeal, the landmark UN biodiversity report, Finfish Environmental Regulations, Federal government delays on threatened species assessments, Huon Aquaculture in Court for Environmental Harm, Local Provision Schedule (LPS) updates, our recommendations for good reads, and much more!

EDO Tasmania Bulletin 6/2019

cropped-Walls-10.jpgEDO Tasmania Bulletin 17 April 2019 – The fortnightly Bulletin contains news about current developments in planning and environment law, upcoming events and opportunities for public comment. This edition features Lake Malbena updates, Adani, Storm Bay expansion, Senate Standing Committee interim report on faunal extinction, Okehampton Bay Federal Court decision, TWWHA Tourism Master Plan consultations, New Laws for Nature event, and much more!

EDO TAS BULLETIN 5/2019 – Lake Malbena Special Edition

The fortnightly Bulletin from EDO Tasmania is OUT NOWcropped-Walls-11.jpg

This Lake Malbena special edition has updates on the Federal court litigation and Tribunal appeal. In other news, highlights include: the Bell Bay approval, climate action strikes, Senate Standing Committee inquiry into mining rehabilitation reports, a High Court decision shaping the future for native title compensation, and how to have your say on the revised Draft Freycinet Peninsula Master Plan, Tasmania’s GMO Moratorium review, and more.



The fortnightly Bulletin from EDO Tasmania is OUT NOW and contains updates on Lake Malbena, Marine Farming Review Panel, Anti-protest legislation, single-use plastics bylaws, IDEA Conference, an introduction from our new CEO/Principal Lawyer, Nicole Sommer (… and more).


A constant in my career has been the EDO – Nicole Sommer, our new CEO

A constant in my career has been the EDO. I have practised in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania and in each state the EDO has been there, taking cases for the community, pushing advances in environmental jurisprudence, holding the government to account (in some cases, the government I worked for) and providing much needed and otherwise non-existent community education and advice.

This story is equally true in Tasmania. Whether it is salmon farming, development in national parks, mining in the Tarkine, conserving Tasmanian forests or planning reform, the EDO has been behind the community providing advice and representation.

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EDO Tas Bulletin 3/2019

Find out the late10804996-3x2-700x467st news on the Rocky Hill climate change case, TWWHA bushfire mapping, toxic wilderness lakes, drilling permits for the Mt Wellington cable car, faunal extinction hearings (… and more!) in the latest issue of the EDO Tasmania Bulletin.

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Watch This Space – EDO Tas Bulletin 1/2019

It has been a very heated start to the New Year. The Island State that we love, is under increasing threat with fires burning in multiple locations.


In the first EDO Tas Bulletin of 2019, get updated with the latest environmental and planning news, interesting reads and podcasts..

Watch this space! We’ve included some environmental policy and cases to watch out for in 2019 – Global Climate Action, the Federal Election, World Heritage Tourism Master-plan, Lake Malbena Court Case and much more..