When we started EDO Tasmania in 1995, our vision was to provide specialist legal services to support community involvement in environmental and planning decision making.  Twenty years on, the achievements of the EDO have gone above and beyond what we ever imagined possible.

I’m enormously proud of the role we’ve played to make laws accessible. Whether through education materials, providing legal advice or representation, our services enable communities to effectively challenge poorly considered and unwelcome development, giving the environment the best chance of protection.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen time and time again how powerful a community with access to clear information and legal support can be.

– Roland Browne, EDO Tas President 1995 – 2016

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Adam Beeson, Tiphanie Acreman, Heather Sculthorpe (TAC), Brian Walters QC IMG_6821 Tarkine barristers Team Tarkine 2