MT Wellington

EDO Tasmania represented Residents Opposed to the Cable Car in the Tasmanian Planning Commission hearing regarding proposed changes to the Mt Wellington Management Plan.  The proposed amendment, initiated at the request of the Mt Wellington Cableway Company, sought to increase the size of the Pinnacle Specific Area on the summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington to facilitate the construction of a cable car.

The Commission report was very critical of the Wellington Park Management Trust’s process in relation to the amendment.   In particular, the Commission found that the Trust’s responses to representors’ concerns in relation to the following issues were inadequate:

  • The proposed amendment would not further the vision and objectives of the Management Plan
  • Failure to provide reasons for the proposed amendment
  • Development in proposed the extended Pinnacle  is contrary to Management Plan and will adversely affect conservation values
  • Failure to adequately explain the choice of the proposed new boundary areas, particularly given the Pinnacle Specific Area had already been considered and extended in the 2013 Management Plan review
  • That Wellington Park is a special place in which a cable car and increased development area on the summit would be inappropriate

Read the Commission’s decision here.

Note: The Wellington Park Trust subsequently reconsidered the representations and approved the proposed amendment.

In early 2017, the State government announced that it would enact legislation to override Hobart City Council’s landowner consent powers (which have provided a hurdle for the cable car project).  The legislation is expected to be introduced later in 2017.