gerry-bates1Environmental law has been, and will remain, important to my sense of ‘what’s right’ about our human relationship with the environment

On 5-6 March 2015, the Law Council’s Australian Environment and Planning Law Group honoured two significant contributors to environmental law:

  • Dr Gerry Bates was also honoured for his long time commitment to the development and practice of environmental law.  Most environmental law students have referred to his text book at some stage!  Born and raised in northern England, Gerry has been a lecturer at the University of Tasmania, a Greens parliamentarian and has edited the Environment and Planning Law Journal for the past decade.You can read Gerry’s speech in reply to the tribute here.
  • Rupert-Watters-Vicbar-Barrister_Rupert Watters was awarded the Mahla Pearlman Young Environmental Lawyer of the Year Award, for his pro bono involvement in a range of public interest environmental law cases, including challenges to the Dual Gas proposal for EDO Vic (now Environmental Justice Australia) and EDO Qld’s Alpha coal matter.  Rupert has previously said that pro bono work is a moral obligation for lawyers.