National Heritage Places nominations

The Commonwealth Government is calling for nominations for places of exceptional natural, Indigenous, or historic significance to be added to the National Heritage List.

Nominations can be made until 17 February 2017.  For more information, click here.


Finkel report on National Electricity Market

wind-turbines17Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, has released a preliminary report on the Future Security of the National Electricity Market for public consultation.

Comments on the report can be made until 21 February 2017Read more and have your say.


Shellfish fishery management plan

A draft management plan to replace the current Shellfish Management Plan regulating Angasi oysters, Venerupis clams (Georges Bay), Katelysia cockles (Ansons Bay) and wild Pacific oysters from State waters has been released for public comment. Proposed changes include altering licensing requirements and purging conditions.

Submissions on the draft plan can be made until 24 February 2017.  Read more and have your say.

Draft Aboriginal Heritage Bill

The Tasmanian government has released draft legislation to amend the Aboriginal Relics Act 1975. The Bill is designed to give effect to the immediate, minimal changes flagged by the Government earlier in 2016, includingfetch

  • renaming the Act as the “Aboriginal Heritage Act”;
  • removing the 1876 “cut-off” for what is considered as Aboriginal heritage;
  • increasing penalties for damage to Aboriginal heritage;
  • replacing the ignorance defence with a due diligence defence, supported by due diligence guidelines;
  • establishing a statutory Aboriginal Heritage Council of Aboriginal people to advise the Minister; and

The Government intends to undertake a more comprehensive review of Aboriginal heritage laws within 3 years.  For a comparison of Aboriginal heritage laws in other states, click here.

Comments on the draft Bill can be made until 24 February 2017Read more and have your say.  To read EDO Tasmania’s earlier submission regarding the proposed changes, click here.


Shark mitigation

The Senate Environment and Communications Committee is conducting on inquiry into the efficacy and regulation of shark mitigation and deterrent measures. The inquiry will consider research into shark populations, habitat ranges and behaviour, exemptions under the EPBC Act, bycatch caught in shark nets, current mitigation measures, available alternatives and emerging technologies.

Submissions to the inquiry can be made until 3 March 2017Read more and have your say.


Vehicle emissions and fuel quality standards

vehicle emissionFollowing public consultation last year, the Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions has released three further consultation papers:

  • a draft Regulation Impact Statement for introducing fuel efficiency standards for light vehicles;
  • a draft Regulation Impact Statement on strengthening noxious emissions standards for light and heavy vehicles; and
  • a discussion paper on improving fuel quality standards.

Submissions on the papers can be made until 10 March 2017Read more and have your say.
For a critique of the proposed standards, and how they compare with those in place in Europe, you can read a recent Conversation article by Robyn Schofield and Mark Stevenson.

National Environmental Biosecurity Response Agreement

Wine-Loving-Bride-Winery-TourCommonwealth, State and Territory governments are undertaking an independent review of the National Environmental Biosecurity Response Agreement, which sets out responsibilities for responding to significant pest and disease incursions. A discussion paper is now available, providing background to the Agreement and its key policies and processes, and highlighting key themes for discussion under the review.

Submissions to the review can be made until 17 March 2017Read more and have your say.

River Clyde Catchment Water Management Plan 

DPIPWE has released a draft amendment to the current River Clyde Water Management clydePlan 2005, proposing the following changes:

  • Improved access provisions
  • Lower cease-to-take thresholds
  • Formalisation of non-commercial town water rights (provided Surety Level 1 allocation)
  • Clearer information regarding access priorities and accountability in times of water scarcity

Comments on the draft amendments can be made until 20 March 2017Read more and have your say.

Nomination of threatened species

threatenedThe Department of Environment and Energy is inviting nominations for the EPBC threatened species list. Where a species is included on the list, a conservation advice (and, in most cases, a recovery plan) will be developed to guide management decisions, and activities likely to impact on the species will be subject to the EPBC Act.

Nominations can be made until 31 March 2017.  For more information regarding eligibility and the nomination process, click here.

Marine Plant Draft Management Plan 2017

DPIPWE has released a draft management plan for the Tasmanian marine plant fishery, encompassing the taking of cast kelp, other cast seaweeds and introduced marine plant species.

Submissions on the draft plan can be made until 3 April 2017Read more and have your say.


Draft Threat Abatement Plan – Marine Plastics

The Department of the Environment & Energy has released a draft Threat abatement plan for the impacts of marine debris on vertebrate marine species outlining a national strategy to manage threats posed by marine debris and guide investment and efforts by governments, research organisations and non-government organisations. debris

Key actions are proposed to encourage a circular economy, reduce single use plastics, ensure planning decisions consider the potential to increase marine debris, improving management of ghost nets and shipping waste, and improving data collection methods.

Comments on the draft plan can be made until 13 April 2017. Read more and have your say.


Stay up to date

To stay up to date with opportunities to comment, subscribe to the EDO Tasmania Bulletin.   You can also use these resources to gather information about current opportunities to have your say.


  • Tasmanian Government
  • Environment Protection Authority – Assessments in Progress
  • TasWater – Have your say
  • Tasmanian Planning Commission – Amendments to Planning Scheme
  • Planning Alerts – this is a free website that allows you to register to receive an email when a local government planning application is lodged near you (note:  as at January 2016, only Hobart, Launceston, Clarence, Kingborough, Huon Valley and Sorell Councils have signed up to this service – if you are in another local government area, encourage your council to register with Planning Alerts)
  • Local councils
    • check the public notices in your local paper, look for the Council logo.  All discretionary planning applications must be advertised
    • read local newsletters for information about upcoming public meetings and consultations
    • check your Council’s website (generally, in the “Public Notices” section).