Image: Brendan Gogarty

This page provides some sample documents to give you an idea of what to include in letters and how to complete relevant forms.  If you would like specific advice or assistance in relation to a particular matters, please contact EDO Tasmania.

Planning and Development

Letter requesting that Council investigate an alleged breach

Notice of Suspected Contravention of Planning Scheme

Representation to Council regarding development application

Letter requesting the Federal Environment Minister to “call in” a development proposal

Representation regarding draft Planning Scheme


Pollution and Environmental Harm 

Notice to polluting company

Complaint to Council regarding environmental nuisance

Letter requesting Director of Public Health to investigate contamination

Letter to Federal Minister regarding assessment approach under EPBC Act


Forestry Operations

Letter responding to Proposed FPP

Letter requesting that FPA investigate alleged forestry offence

Request to Revoke a Forest Practices Plan


Reserves and Protected Areas

Letter to Planning Commission requesting hearing for management plan changes


Mining and exploration

Objection to proposed mining lease


Lobbying and law reform

Short written submission to Senate inquiry

Pro forma submission to public inquiry

Media Release

For examples of detailed submissions, go to our law reform page.


Appeals and enforcement activities

Notice of Appeal – LUPAA

Civil enforcement – EMPCA

Notice of Appeal – Water Management Act

Application to be joined as a party to an appeal

Request for a statement of reasons

Right to Information request