New biomass limits set for Mac Harbour

8250460-3x2-940x627The EPA has set the 2018-2020 biomass limit for salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour at 9,500t.

In setting the new limit, the EPA acknowledged that the health of Macquarie Harbour is continuing to decline. The EPA Director also confirmed today that 1.35 million salmon had died over summer due to the outbreak of disease in the Harbour.

While the new biomass limit represents a 20% reduction from the previous limit of 12,000t, Huon Aquaculture has previously noted that a limit of 9,000t would simply reflect the number of fish left in the Harbour following the summer mortality events.

To read the EPA Director’s statement of reasons for the biomass decision, click here.

To read a timeline of the events leading up to the latest biomass decision, click here.

Helicopters, huts and having your say


A range of development proposals are being considered in Tasmania’s national parks – mountain bike and horse-riding trails, helicopter tours, fly-in accommodation, commercial huts and more.

Join EDO Tasmania for a free information session about development in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area:

  • how will the assessment process work?
  • who makes the decisions?
  • what criteria will apply?
  • how can you get involved and have your say?

For details, go to the event page.

EDO Bulletin 8/2018

KnockloftyAll the latest environmental and planning law news is in the new EDO Tas Bulletin – updates on the Dover woodchip export facility and kunanyi cable car, proposed new regulations for salmon farming licence and changes to compulsory acquisition rules, amendments to regional land use strategies, heaps of events and lots to ponder in our “Good Reads” section.

EDO Bulletin 5/2018

Walls 10Check out the latest EDO Bulletin for updates on Macquarie Harbour, marine reserves, Ministers and other matters.

This edition also includes a new section featuring our favourite articles from the past fortnight.  If you’ve read (or written) something you think we’d like, send it through to

EPA admits Mac Harbour science wrong, plans to reduce biomass

8250460-3x2-940x627The latest IMAS report on the health of Macquarie Harbour confirms continued low levels of dissolved oxygen in mid-bottom waters and a decline in benthic faunal abundance, including within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Today, the EPA Director has said that he believes the scientific modelling underpinning the decision to expand operations in Macquarie Harbour was wrong, and a significantly reduced biomass cap (9,000t) was required.  You can read our various submissions on this issue here.

The Director flagged his intention to reduce the cap to all three farm operators on 5 March 2018, and the decision has been the subject of questions during Federal Court proceedings this week initiated by Huon Aquaculture.

Huon Aquaculture is claiming in these proceedings that the Commonwealth Minister for Environment and Energy has failed to properly regulate the impacts of salmon farming on the endangered Maugean Skate, and the TWWHA. In submissions to the Court, Huon’s legal counsel described the the conditions attached to the Minister’s decision to allow the expansion of salmon farming in the Harbour as “hopelessly meaningless”.

For more information about the court case, click here.

For an updated timeline of events in Macquarie Harbour, click here.

EDO Tas Bulletin 4/2018

IMG_8536 - resizeCelebrate St Patrick’s Day by heading out to somewhere green… or just reading the latest EDO Tas Bulletin to catch up on environmental law news – everything from marine debris to local planning to fish farming to exciting climate change legal actions.

Election Commitments – Planning and Environment

isWe’ve trawled through all the election policies in the lead up to the State election on 3 March 2018.  Before you head to the polling booth, check out what’s being promised by the key players:

Election Commitments 2018 – Overview (updated 2 March)

We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but can’t guarantee we haven’t missed anything.  Commitments are based on published commitments only.  This table is a summary of the policies only – it is not an endorsement of any policies or an assessment of the effectiveness or reliability of any promises made by the parties.
Authorised by Jess Feehely, 131 Macquarie Street, Hobart.

EDO Tas Bulletin 3/2018


The latest edition of the EDO Tas Bulletin includes comprehensive review of election commitments as well as updates on the cable car works authority, fruit fly incursion, loads of upcoming events and opportunities to have your say on everything from Hobart City Council’s climate policy to the national biodiversity strategy.