Critically endangered, Under-protectedCritically Endangered, Under-protected

EDO Tasmania was commissioned to prepare a report for the Bob Brown Foundation outlining options to strengthen the protections offered to critically endangered species and ecological communities under our national laws.  The report highlights key areas for reform, including streamlining the listing process, improving recovery plans and funding recovery actions, identifying and protecting critical habitat, and strengthening the role of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee.

You can read the full report here.

TWSState forests, national interests:  Review of the Tasmanian RFA

EDO Tasmania was commissioned to prepare a report for The Wilderness Society analysing the operation of the Tasmanian Regional Forests Agreement.  The report compares the Tasmanian forest practices system against national standards and takes a solutions-oriented approach to recommending improvements to better protect threatened species and other natural values.

You can read the full report here.

Con CovConservation Covenants: Options to improve security for the protection of private land in Tasmania

This report, commissioned by the North East Bioregional Network, looks at weaknesses in the current laws governing conservation covenants and how to fix them.

You can read the full report here.


Lifting the Standards:  Opportunities to Improve Tasmania’s Environmental LawsLTS

This report compares the suite of Tasmanian environmental laws against national standards, concluding that many amendments are required before the laws meet best practice.  The report includes a comprehensive set of recommendations to improve the operation and effectiveness of Tasmania’s laws to secure better environmental outcomes.

You can read the full report here.

Assessment of the Adequacy of Threatened Species and Planning Laws

PYL report


An ANEDO report, prepared for the Places You Love Alliance, finds that threatened species and planning laws in Australian States and Territories fail to meet best practice standards.   Notwithstanding the continued inadequacies of state legislation, the Australian Government is poised to hand over assessment and approval powers as part of its one-stop shop policy.



One Stop Chop:  Review of Regional Forest Agreements


A joint publication between EDO Tasmania, EDO Victoria and EDO NSW, the One Stop Chop – Final report examines the operation of regional forest agreements throughout Australia and evaluates the effectiveness of the regulatory framework for achieving sustainable management of forest areas. 


ANEDO Position Papers

The Australian Network of Environmental Defenders Offices (ANEDO) has published a number of papers and submissions, which are available at    Specific papers in relation to the proposals to delegate responsibility for assessments of projects with the potential to impact on matters of national environmental significance include:aneod

Big PDF Icon   Opposition to One Stop Shop December 2013

Big PDF Icon  Response to COAG Reforms May 2012