Promoting Sustainable Resolutions for Environmental and Planning Disputes

EDO Tasmania offers an affordable, professional mediation service available to anyone seeking to resolve a planning or environmental dispute.

Environmental nuisance issues

The volume of land uses, developments and public activities in communities can often give rise to disputes about nuisance issues.  Whether it’s smoke from a neighbour’s chimney, operating noise from a nearby business, damage from stormwater runoff or uncontrolled dust from a construction site, sometimes these problems don’t have an obvious ‘legal’ solution.

EDO Tasmania can help by mediating between the parties to find lasting solutions to these disputes.

Pre-permit mediation

Section 57A of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 provides for mediations to be conducted between a proponent, Council and representors before Council determines a discretionary development application.  Mediation can be requested by developers or representors, and only occurs if all parties agree.

IMGL7154Pre-permit mediation provides an opportunity for developers to hear community concerns and for the community to better understand proposals.  The outcome may be agreement on minor amendments to the proposal or permit conditions which address community concerns.

Adam Beeson, EDO Tasmania’s accredited mediator, is also an experienced planning lawyer – he can assist parties to pre-permit mediation to explore their concerns, understand the consequences of not reaching agreement, and to negotiate solutions that will be legally enforceable (if implemented by Council).

Contact our office to discuss mediation options and get a quote for this valuable service.