The Tasmanian government has released its draft Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry.

The Growth Plan proposes new areas for salmon farm expansion in the oceanic waters off the State’s north-west coast, King Island, Flinders Island and Storm Bay, with the remainder of the State’s coasts to be declared “no grow” zones. To view a map of these areas, click here.

The Growth Plan outlines how the government intends to encourage and manage the continued expansion of the industry, including by:

  • the introduction of a new Biosecurity Act
  • the creation of a new Finfish Farming (Compliance and Monitoring) Unit in the EPA to be funded by an industry levy
  • the facilitation of a new formal agreement between the three major salmon companies concerning the future of salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour (to replace the existing Area Management Agreement)
  • providing public access to more environmental monitoring data
  • the establishment of a new industry reference group for the implementation of the Growth Plan

Public comments on the Growth Plan are open until Friday, 8 September 2017. Read more and have your say.