2017-2018 summer internships are being held during the following periods:

4 – 15 December 2017   8 – 19 January 2018  29 Jan – 9 February 2018

Internships provide students and recent graduates with opportunities to:

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  • Develop an understanding of the Resource Management and Planning System;
  • Gain practical research and drafting experience in relation to planning and environmental law issues;
  • Provide paralegal support in environmental court cases;
  • Contribute to policy and law reform projects in areas such as marine farming, environmental assessment, forest management and planning;
  • Assist in the preparation of environmental law resources;
  • Get an insight into working at a community legal centre;
  • Establish network contacts with planning and environmental law practitioners.

The internship programme will be of most benefit to students with a genuine interest in resource management issues, social justice and environmental law.  Students with a planning / geography background are also encouraged to apply.

Preference will be given to students in the final years of their degree, or recent graduates.

Click here for the 2017  Internship application package.  Applications are due by 23 October 2017.