In May each year, EDO Tasmania asks supporters to “forgo” one thing they would normally spend money on and instead donate that money to the EDO.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who gave up something in May 2014 and helped EDO Tas raise a bit over $6,000! We had such a variety of sacrifices (see some examples below), but our staff picks go to:

Fundraising devil

  • Hannah Taylor for her heroic commitment to winter-cycling
  • Dr Yung En Chee for getting her cat involved
  • Anna Young for the specificity of her forego-ing (weeknight evening restaurant desserts)
  • The team at Launceston Community Legal Centre for their rigorous swear-jar enforcement policy
  • Vicki Campbell for depriving herself of evening internet surfing.  A whole month without iView!


Things we’ve learned in Forgo for EDO month:

  • Lawyers swear twice as much as politicians
  • The average senior lady spends $42 each month on gossip magazines
  • Some people should not forego coffee.
  • Fargo is more graphic than we remembered!

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