Want to know what we think of the proposed Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendment (Tasmanian Planning Policies) Bill 2017?  You can read our submission here.

EDO Tasmania strongly supports the introduction of a comprehensive suite of planning policies.  However, we are not convinced that creating a new instrument, Tasmanian Planning Policies, is the best mechanism to achieve that outcome.


  • A suite of planning policies should be delivered through the existing State Policies process, rather than creating a whole new planning instrument
  • The ad hoc way in which planning reforms are being released makes it difficult for stakeholders to make constructive comments.  A public discussion regarding planning policies should have occurred before the Minister introduced the State Planning Provisions.
  • Planning policies should trigger review and amendments of State Planning Provisions and Local Provisions Schedules
  • Planning policies will set the policy direction for Tasmania and must be subject to broad and transparent public consultation.  This should include:
    • At least 42 days for public comments
    • Public hearings
    • Public release of the Commission’s report on public comments
  • The final form and content of planning policies should be determined by the Tasmanian Planning Commission, rather than the Minister.  If the Minister elects not to adopt the Commission’s recommendations, parliamentary approval should be required.

Submissions on the proposed Bill to introduce Tasmanian Planning Policies can be made until 5pm on 15 May 2017.  Read more and have your say.