15825889_1407974619213613_1885108484656697734_nHappy new year!  EDO Tasmania is looking forward to a year of working hard to protect the environment.

For anyone still looking for inspiration for your new year’s resolutions, here are a few things to consider for 2017:

  • Get involved – democracy works best when as many people as possible share their views. Sign a petition, attend a public meeting, join a community group, make a short representation about a development in your area, write a letter to the editor, or email your local member about an issue that concerns you.
  • Understand your carbon footprint, and work out the best ways to reduce it. A great calculator is available at www.epa.vic.gov.au/AGC/home.html
  • Reduce your waste – for helpful hints, check out Zero Waste Tasmania
  • Stay informed – find out more about impacts on the world around you, understand the science, talk to proponents, and ask questions about how your local member votes on key issues. Get along to the many free public events on offer (e.g. www.events.utas.edu.au/), subscribe to the EDO Tas Bulletin, or check out theyvoteforyou.org.au/
  • Get out there! Make the time to visit the places that you love, and to help others appreciate why they are special.


Photo credit: Arwen Dyer (www.arwendyer.com)